What should i plant in my small vegetable garden

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What should i plant in my small vegetable garden


All information about garden design.

I was recently involved with a start up landscaping business that focuses on educating the community about composting. We wanted to provide the community with the education and then leave them with plants to create the garden of their dreams. Here is a quote from the company’s website about their philosophy on landscapes and gardens:

“We bring a fresh point of view to landscaping. We make sure each new garden is creative, healthy, and high quality. We go beyond the “how-to” and “what-to” and take a creative approach to gardening in general. As gardeners, we have a love for the outdoors and a talent for creating beauty. We believe we can help our community build a higher quality of life.”

What i found interesting about this particular quote is how many things are “high quality”.

I think one of the biggest concerns of gardeners is what the environment will be like once the garden is established. The other concern that all gardeners are probably going to have is what things do well in the garden. For example, does a particular garden receive more sun than others? What should i plant in my small vegetable garden and what doesn’t do so well?

These are the two main questions that come to my mind when thinking about planting a garden. I say that because these are the things that make the most impact in a garden, soil type, sun exposure, climate, plant requirements, drainage, time etc.

So lets look at these things and find out what needs to be done and the most important thing about the whole concept of planting a garden. It is vital that we plan for success. Plan. Plan. PLAN!

I came across some of the best books I have ever read and some of the best landscape design inspiration. These two books really helped to get me on the right path of designing my garden. The following two books have shaped my life more than I would like to admit.

The reason I would encourage gardeners to buy these two books is because their objective is to teach and educate people. Each page of the book is packed with illustrations and planting concepts that I have used to not only inspire me, but to create the perfect garden for my family.

The other two books i’ve mentioned are garden designers such as Sam Albert and landscape design that we need to include in our gardens. Both of these books talk about planting in the landscape. I had no idea planting could be so diverse or so simple.

Everything in the natural world is found in our gardens. Every plant that has ever been eaten has been eaten because of its use in nature. These plants use these natural relationships with other plants and the environment to survive. These natural relationships and relationships that we create in our gardens can be used to plant for a variety of functions.

Here are a few of the things i’ve been reading about to figure out what plants do best in my garden.

The absolute worst thing you can do in a garden is to attempt to live in it.

This is very important to understand. Living in a garden will cause many issues with your landscape design. Such as “eating” your vegetables and wildlife. Also, nature has a schedule, weeds come up, the plants grow and flowers and vegetables grow and die. A garden is an artificial space, it needs to be treated as such.

If you want your garden to be as self sustaining as possible, the garden must be separated from the home. The landscape and garden will do their own thing and the home will be sheltered from the landscape.

Weed Control

Weeds should be controlled regularly to make sure that they do not overtake your garden. If we are vigilant, they do not do so. But if you allow them to become problem free, then they will.

Roses are a good example of this. Roses grow quickly and will not wait for a drought to grow. I will regularly water my roses every 2 weeks. If I miss a 2 week period, they will become soft, rubbery and a sign of severe drought stress.

The time to water your roses is as soon as you see them begin to wilt. Then give them a light drink and continue watering them regularly. When you water your roses, don’t just water them once or twice. Water them regularly. When you water your roses in winter time, be sure that you give them a good drink of water.

When I water my roses, I usually use a watering can and just spray the water around the plant and make sure that it doesn’t sit on the plants leaves. Also be sure to not splash the water on the ground around your roses.

Good Mulch

Don’t just use any mulch around your garden. Some mulches are okay but just be


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