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Extension Master Gardeners work to encourage and promote environmentally sound horticulture practices through sustainable landscape management education and training. Members of the Association are active Extension Master Gardeners. In addition, members of the organization may apply for mini grants to support their projects. We are so excited to welcome our new class of

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Chesapeake Master Gardeners

Learn about it here. The Washington Youth Garden is a wonderful place to volunteer — in several capacities, all described here. The Smithsonian Gardens offers a wealth of opportunities for volunteers to use their skills. Learn more here. The U. Botanic Gardens volunteer program is described her e.

Click here to learn about. Sign up here or message them at Facebook. Learn about it her e. Click here to learn more. Newly certified Master Gardeners assist staff in teaching environmentally sound gardening techniques in their communities through plant clinics, a horticultural help desk, demonstration gardens and other outreach projects.

To see the five demonstration gardens developed and managed by these Master Gardeners, click here. Green Spring Master Gardeners. Information about Green Spring Master Gardener projects coming soon. To learn more about Green Springs Master Gardeners, scroll down on this page. They help schools put in a garden and get them started. Coordinator Esther Mitchell says that her motto is if you are not having fun, then you are in the wrong program.

In addition to their many demonstration gardens, the PG Master Gardeners are involved with these great teaching gardens:. Teaching goes outdoors during the growing season. Here they are on Facebook. Montgomery County Master Gardeners offer free services that the public may take advantage of, including telephone consultation , ask us a question via email, plant clinics , landscape design for government and non-profit organizations, therapeutic horticulture , demonstration gardens, and a speakers bureau.

Casey Trees has very popular volunteer opportunities in tree planting, tree advocacy, Citizen Forester, Citizen Scientist, and tree care. Volunteers act as docents and guides in most of the memorials and monuments on and near the National Mall. Vietnam Memorial photo credit. Arboretum volunteers. Volunteers at River Farm. Casey Trees on the job. Anacostia Watershed Society activities. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Outdoor Activities – e.g. gardening, conservation, etc..

Volunteers provide invaluable support to the Zoo's two facilities: the Smithsonian's National Zoo, located in Washington, D. Current available opportunities are listed in the sections below. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about animals and help educate the public about conservation and animal care. Age requirement: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to apply for current volunteer positions, including Zoo Aides and Zoo Interpreters.

The first step in becoming a VCE Virginia Beach Master Gardener volunteer is to Click the button below to go to the City of VB Extension Horticulture.

Cedar Ridge Community Garden

We are currently not accepting new volunteers but will reopen the application process in early MarchMust contribute at least 25 hours per year to remain active. Have a day, evening, and weekend assignment options depending on Mount Vernon department support requirements. Benefits of being a Mount Vernon Volunteer: Learn a lot about Mount Vernon, the Washingtons, and life in America in the late 18th Century especially after interacting with our talented character interpreters. Apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have developed to enhance the Mount Vernon program and have an impact on families, youth, and schools who visit the estate. Learn a lot about yourself and latent talents you may have. Dress in period attire if desired to interact with and entertain visitors to the estate. Meet people with common interests. Help people from diverse backgrounds by introducing them to the many real and virtual opportunities and experiences available on the estate. Earn service and achievement recognition awards.


Summary View Map View. Book Golf. Algonkian Bull Run Pohick Bay. Explore 95 acres of ornamental display gardens, unique native plant collections, and peaceful woodlands at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia. Discover local flora and fauna among lakes, forests and meandering walking trails.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners are trained volunteer educators.

Gardening at Virginia Randolph Education Center

That's great but you need to Register Login. During lock-down we were gifted a new community garden. This lovely space is in the heart of Northwich. Helping in a garden is a great way to reconnect with nature and take gentle exercise. We raise seedlings in our greenhouses, grow vegetables and flowers and do practical jobs like fencing and repairing our weather-beaten shed. The garden is run using Transition ideas, this means we don't use chemicals and we promote wildlife, conserve water, and explore ways to garden that are kind to the environment such as 'no-dig' and composting.

Become a Master Gardener

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Bluebird Gap Farm. We are excited to offer a variety of volunteer experiences. Please take the time to read through our available positions, their responsibilities, and their requirements. We offer morning and afternoon shifts every day of the week. Your application can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the farm. Our volunteer coordinator will review your application, and qualified applicants will be asked to come in for a short interview.

Under the supervision of CCE Broome Horticulture Educator, Linda Svoboda, the volunteers are the caretakers of Cutler Botanic Garden. During.

Where to Volunteer

The process of pollinating flowers can be more involved than appearances may indicate. Join us at our monthly free lecture at the Portsmouth Public Library — Churchland Branch where we will discuss interesting, unexpected methods of pollination. Download the flyer here.

Volunteer Appreciation

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Voluntourism provides travelers the opportunity to blend purpose with passion by offering volunteer service opportunities within local communities. VisitNorfolk recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. We know that visitors to our city, whether as a group of convention attendees or an individual leisure traveler, often express the desire to serve the destination and its residents. In response to this need, we partner with select local attractions to provide our visitors with the opportunity to include volunteer service into their overall itinerary.

MGNV members must complete over 60 hours of combined classroom and in the field training, as well as 60 hours of volunteer work as interns to become certified by Virginia Tech as VCE Master Gardeners. Additional volunteer work and continuing education are required each year to maintain certification.

Organizations & Resources

The training includes presentations by field experts and is necessarily hands on. Unfortunatly, current circumstances prevent us from holding a Training Class inThe Application form for the class is now available. Click the link below to download the pdf. Training Class dates are February 10 Orientation with class sessions scheduled February 14 to April 21,Do you have a green thumb? Do you enjoy digging in the dirt?

Master Gardeners

The mission of the Chesapeake Master Gardener Volunteers CMGV is to teach citizens in Chesapeake to garden better and more efficiently, while training them also to be more environmentally aware. If you are among the many local residents who love to garden and you would like to share this passion and learn more, training to be a Master Gardener may be for you. Sponsored statewide by Virginia Cooperative Extension and locally by the Chesapeake office, Master Gardeners are volunteer educators who provide research-based information from Virginia Tech and Virginia State Universities to the local community.

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