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Senior plant health care specialist and clinical laboratory educator, Gramella Fredericks, PhD, shared experiences from her 10 years as a health and wellness business owner, teacher, and author. She talked about health care-related business she learned during this time, what plant-based (vegan) recipes she loves, and how her books, Additives, Poison, and Preservatives and Essentials of Plant-Based Nutrition were born. A passionate teacher and motivator, Dr. Fredericks answered audience questions and shared her message that it is not too late to make changes in your life for the better.


David: Welcome to the plant based diet podcast where I welcome the plant based diet podcasting community to the todays show. My name is David Thomas. I am your host. Welcome to the plant based diet podcast. We are going to have a conversation today with Dr. Gramella Fredericks. She is a plant based nutrition specialist. She is a long time activist in the world of plant based nutrition. We have just spoken this morning about his 10 years of business, her years of teaching, and her vegan recipes. She will be sharing her wisdom and the message she wishes to deliver to her listeners about health and wellness. We have also made a commitment to plant based nutrition and our podcast has found that. We have received over 2000 downloads in just a few short weeks. There is a lot of interest in plant based nutrition.

I am excited to be able to share these conversations with you. She is also sharing her message of plant based nutrition and we will be having a conversation with her and at the end of the podcast, we are going to have a live question and answer session with her so do come with your questions because we really want to answer them all. Her previous podcast is called Living with Emotional Eating. I know that we will be having her come on and talk about that on the show. I hope that this podcast is a great introduction to a friend of ours who we are going to be spending a little bit of time with today. Welcome, Dr. Gramella Fredericks.

Gramella: Thanks David for having me.

David: I am happy that you are here. We have been talking about plant based nutrition and we have been having this discussion on our website as well. You have been a very active contributor. One of the things that I wanted to talk to you about is just plant based nutrition and how it has changed over the years. How do you see the world of plant based nutrition today? Is it more popular than ever? Is it more of a movement? Is there more excitement about it?

Gramella: Yes, absolutely. There are certainly more people interested in this topic than there have been in the past. I would say that it was in the last 5 years or 10 years before that when I first began studying this in more depth, and did some work in it. When I started to really study it, I was trying to find out if there was any solid science behind the things I had been seeing from my own personal health and wellness experiences. As a health and wellness practitioner and someone who had been through it, I looked for answers. There were some studies, but none of them had yet proven what I had seen for myself to be true. I had heard people talk about it but they were really not giving the facts.

So, I really set out to find out what was actually happening. I mean, there was more passion around it, there was more activity around it, there was more discussion around it. People were really asking questions. This was a growing movement. I was really delighted to see that. I can definitely say that from my personal experience over the years, it has gotten more popular and I can tell you why.

I was observing patients, I was observing physicians, I was observing parents. I began to see a lot of physicians. I was really glad to see that. Physicians are one of the biggest influencers in people’s health and wellness. They could be patients, or they could be health and wellness practitioners. I was observing them, and there was some commonalities. There were some things that they wanted to help patients achieve. I would observe them, I would see them prescribing diets. They would be prescribing diets that were basically vegan. Now, vegan diets are not this trendy diet that we have all been seeing on TV and hear on the news and social media, etc. It is a very old practice in healing.

I was observing that the medical world was finally getting on board. I was glad to see that happening. Then I would see these patients, or these practitioners that were prescribing diets and I would go visit patients who were on a diet. They were very successful. They had lost weight, they had improved their digestion, they had decreased their inflammation, they had improved their sleep and their energy, they were feeling better. Then they would tell me what they were on and why they were on it. What they would tell me was that they had been on a vegan diet and they had been on a low carb diet. The vegan diet was something they had been on a long time but it was the low carb diet that really helped them.

So I just looked at the clinical trial data that was coming out, the short term clinical trial data, the long term clinical trial data and what was working. We got beyond the food fad, we got beyond the misconception, we got into the actual science behind what the diet actually was. I could see that it wasn’t just the vegan or the low carb diet, it was the combination of the vegan and the low carb diet that was causing all the different outcomes.

Then I started looking into why did it work for them. It started to look into the different clinical trials. I could see that the vegan, the low carb diet, that the macro-nutrient quality of the diet was doing this. Then I started to look at the vegan/low carb diet and the nutrients that were providing the healing benefits. There were certain vitamins and minerals that were working. In many cases, the vegan/low carb diet was providing all these other things in addition to the vitamins and minerals that

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